• New Restaurant AlaMar Dominican Kitchen

    A NYC-style Dominican restaurant now open in Uptown Oakland, alaMar Dominican Kitchen.

    Featured dish: Yuca Salad
    Ingredients: Strawberry, peanut, culantro, pickled red onion, Wanda's Olive Chow Chow

    AlaMar Dominican Kitchen 
  • Winky Dinky Dogs

    Winky Dinky Dogs is simple food done exceptionally well. We take the American classic and amplify the experience with high quality, flavorful links and vibrant accompaniments.

    Winky Dinky Dogs 

Wanda's Culinary Adventures: Discover Event Locations


Creole Spice Tasting at Okatown Spice Shop with Chef Extraordinaire!

FRI, SEP 1 / 12 - 3 PM PDT
1224 Solano Ave. Albany 94706
546 Grand Ave. Oakland 94610

Culinary Insights: Chef Wanda's Expertise on Food Cost Calculation and Menu Pricing Strategies

Aug 3 2023 Southeast Community Center

Chef Wanda shared her experience in the industry and gave helpful tips and tricks to calculating food costs and pricing out your menu appropriately to gain profits!

  • It is really great on beans and rice, breakfast burritos, or anytime I just need to spice something up. Olive pepper chow chow is my favorite.

  • I love this creole seasoning. I picked up a pack during a pop up event a few months ago, and fell in love! I use it in so many dishes and it makes everything better. Delicious!

  • This chow chow is good on everything. Fish and rice, yes, but the best tuna salad ever can be had by simply mixing tuna with the olive chow chow. You can add either olive oil or mayo and it's the perfect lunch.

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Master the Flavors of the South: Watch Our Jambalaya Recipe Video

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