Whatever I experience about food I want to share with others.

"Remember Wanda's Cooking"

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" Pepper Chowchow is a small batch condiment. In the best interest of serving our customers, Pepper Chowchow orders will be replenished once current orders have been shipped".  Ordering updates will be sent out to subscribers. Please sign up here.

Orders can't be received by telephone, email, reviews, and or comments left on website.

You can purchase Pepper Chowchow locally at The Cook and Her Farmer Restaurant in Oakland, Ca.

We look forward to your enjoyment of Wanda's Cooking Pepper Chowchow.

Thank you for your patience -- Wanda


nounoften attributive \ ˈrüt , ˈru̇t \

Something that is an origin or source; the essential core.

Wanda's cooking is embedded in the culture of her roots.

Vegetarian Jambalaya

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