My Village

I so appreciate, the many folks who have supported, encouraged and loved me though the Wanda's Cooking journey.

Media Professionals: Thank you for taking Wanda's Cooking website and Pepper Chowchow to the next level -- with new and exciting content, fonts, color, design and print materials.

Tina Qiongcheng - Web Coder/Designer - I asked and she found a way to make it happen (free apps!) Contact:

Ben Apatow - Graphic Designer/Art Director - Branding/Identity, Packaging design, Logo design. Contact:

Carl Posey - Photography/Content Media - New Jar and Spice Photos – Contact:

Dana Plucinski - Nourishment Fund/Photographer - Product photos, Edible East Bay photo shoot -- Contact:.

Family (Friends): Always and forever. You're always the first to eat my food……..

Chowchow Ambassadors: Every post, tag, re-order has warmed my heart.

Food Professionals: Thank you for knowing what you know and sharing it with me. Special shout-outs: "Chefs" Madina, Robert, Therese, Omar, Nelson, Adie, May and Sarah.

My Ancestors - Thank you for the legacy of working with my hands through cooking. Guidance from the Sisterhood of the Apron, and the many visions, that evolve into texture, smell, taste and finish with a plate.