I see you be throwing way down I’m definitely going to have to purchase a couple of jars of the chow chow probably around the first part of the month 💯💯


After following Wandas Cooking on Instagram for a while, I got some chowchow for Christmas. Delicious. Made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with it and the chowchow raised them to a whole new level.


WANDA!!! Your chow chow has changed my life. My taste buds crave that special taste and spice in my life. I’ll eat something and be like some thing is missing 💡 needs chow chow. I put it on everything dumplings, noodle soups, sandwiches, steak, chicken casseroles, eggs…it adds that extra tangy spicy kick to give the meal a new life.

I brought the hot and mild to my work pot luck and now everytime we have one they ask me if I’m bringing chow chow. The 2nd time I had to give the rest of the container away bc she wouldn’t stop bothering me for it. She’s hooked. She said she went to the store bc she was craving it but couldn’t find anything comparable. I told her where she needed to go.

Anna Kong

OMG! Just had a lil’ “chow chow” on my greens…what a delectable treat… colorful, tasting, aromatic and right on point… definitely a fav addition to any meal. Quite a nice pick up and utterly pleasing to the eye and tastebuds. Keep ‘em coming! I’m a fan…this will now be a staple in the fridge… all I can say is YUMMM!

Lisa Bishop

Oh oh oh I have a jar of Wanda’s chow chow in my refrigerator, which means every time I open that door I know I’m going to be happy. That chow chow puts the um um in my tummy! I love it. It’s got the right amount of sweet and sour to lift the duldroms from anything I’m eating. Plain old goat cheese, nah – goat cheese with chow chow, beans and rice, nah rice and beans with chow chow, I think Wanda’s chow chow makes just about anything you eat brighter, better, more bountiful.

Rachel Dangermond

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